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iRingg 1.0.29 MacOS

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iRingg 1.0.27

iRingg for Mac可以让你从轻松制作个性化铃声,轻松修剪iTunes资料库中歌曲的音频片段,或在SoundCloud、YouTube上找到喜欢的音乐。iRingg可以添加声音效果或录制自己的声音并使用滤镜创建极个性化的铃声,然后将铃声直接推送至iPhone(有线或无线连接),并且会显示在默认铃声里面。

iRingg 1.0.27 | macOS | 26 mb

iRingg will allow you to make personalized ringtones from virtually anything you can find on the internet. Easily trim the segment of audio from songs in your iTunes library, or find them instantly on SoundCloud or YouTube. Add sound effects (called SndMoji™?) or record your own voice and use filters to create extremely personal ringtones. Push freshly created ringtones directly to an iPhone (wired or wireless connection) and it will appear in the default ringtones section.

Homepage: http://softorino.com
Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later 64 bit

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