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Engineering Dynamics Corporation HVE-2D

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Engineering Dynamics Corporation HVE-2D

Engineering Dynamics Corporation HVE-2D | 296 MB

Crash Reconstruction and Simulation Software: HVE-2D allows you to reconstruct and simulate loss of control scenarios and crashes on relatively flat surfaces. Events may involve any number and any type of vehicles, including articulated vehicles.

Performing a professional reconstruction can be a time-consuming process. You have to gather data from the crash scene, inspect the damaged vehicles, review accident reports and reduce all of the data to a usable form. You have to create a scaled crash site diagram and identify the physics calculations that would be most suitable to analyze the crash. You have to set up equations, enter the input data, work through the calculations and then fine-tune your analysis by repeating the calculations to study various scenarios. The whole process takes time.

HVE-2D, with its built-in databases and visual user-interface can greatly reduce your data input and calculation time while improving the reliability of your analysis. For example, if your inputs have a vehicle moving in the wrong direction or a damage profile on the wrong side of the vehicle, you will see it immediately. HVE-2D also improves the accuracy of your analysis by providing engineering diagnostics and warning messages pertaining to violations of the Laws of Physics. Thorough documentation and detailed tutorials help you understand how to use HVE-2D. If that's not enough, EDC provides the best training and technical support in the business. All of this boosts your work performance and saves you time.

So . . . What is HVE-2D?
HVE-2D is an integrated environment for setting up and executing extensively validated reconstruction and simulation models, such as EDCRASH and EDSMAC4, to study a motor vehicle crash. These models allow users to reconstruct and simulate crashes involving one, two or any number of vehicles, as well as loss of control of single and articulated vehicles.

HVE-2D has a single-window design providing easy access to the main menu, toolbar, data entry dialogs, event controllers and other time-saving features. The same window is used when working in the Vehicle, Environment, Event and Playback Editors. Many of the viewer features can be simply toggled on or off by the user.

An overhead camera view with user-definable scale, pan and zoom control offers excellent visibility when setting-up and executing the event. Thumbwheels on the viewer (or a 3-button mouse) allow the user to drag or dolly the camera view. The camera can even be assigned to follow a vehicle's motion during a simulation.

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