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Network Troubleshooting and Tools

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Data networks are full of moving parts, interacting in complex ways. This course will teach you the tools and techniques required to troubleshoot a data network. Skills that are necessary for a network engineer.

There are what feels like a near infinite number of moving parts in a data network, which means that when things go wrong, they often have cascading consequences that can prevent users from accessing the resources required to do their jobs. In this course, Network Troubleshooting and Tools, you will learn techniques and tools for troubleshooting broken network components. First, you will learn how to use command line utilities like ipconfig, ping, nslookup, Nmap, and netstat. Next, you will learn how to use Wireshark to capture and examine an unencrypted website. Finally, you will learn to use iperf to measure the bandwidth of an internal network and use Nmap to run a port scan on a remote server. By the end of this course, you will know-how to troubleshoot and track down network problems, which are critical skills you must have as an engineer.

Network Troubleshooting and Tools

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  1. 数据网络中有大量的活动设备, 以复杂的方式交互。本课程将教您解决数据网络疑难解答所需的工具和技术。而这些技术正是网络工程师所必需掌握的。 在数据网络中有几乎无限数量的活动设备, 这意味着当某些设备出错时, 它们往往会产生级联的后果, 从而阻止用户访问完成其工作所需的资源。在本课程中, 网络故障排除和工具, 您将学习相关技术和工具, 以解决损坏的网络组件。首先, 您将学习如何使用命令行实用工具, 如 ipconfig、ping、nslookup、Nmap 和 netstat。接下来, 您将学习如何使用 Wireshark 来捕获和检查未加密的网站。最后, 您将学习使用 iperf 来测量内部网络的带宽, 并使用 Nmap 在远程服务器上运行端口扫描。在本课程结束时, 您将知道如何解决和跟踪网络问题, 这是您作为工程师必须具备的关键技能。
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