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Network Management and Operations

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Networking hardware often fails, and requires policies, protocols, and monitoring to keep a data network in optimal shape. This course will teach you the policies and tools engineers use to keep networks up and running.

Understanding the vocabulary, protocol operation, and hardware configuration is surprisingly only a small component of maintaining an enterprise data network. In this course, Network Management and Operations, you will learn how data moves through systems and how to reliably and securely keep the network moving data. First, you will learn about different types of network documentation. Next, you will learn about the mechanisms that keep systems working, even when a device fails. Finally, you will explore the tools used to monitor the state of network devices. By the end of this course, you will understand the secure mechanism engineers use to access network hardware, as well as, understand the difference between a hot, cold, and warm data center site.

Network Management and Operations

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  1. 网络硬件经常出现失败, 需要采取策略、协议和监视来保持数据网络的最佳状态。这门课程将教你工程师用来保持网络稳定运行需要用到的策略和工具,。 让人意外的是,搞清楚专业术语、协议操作和硬件配置还只是维护企业数据网络的一个小组成部分。在本课程中, 网络管理和操作, 您将了解数据如何在系统中移动, 以及如何可靠和安全地保持网络移动数据。首先, 您将了解不同类型的网络文档。接下来, 您将了解保持系统工作的机制, 即使设备出现故障。最后, 您将探索用于监视网络设备状态的工具。在本课程结束时, 您将了解工程师用于访问网络硬件的安全机制, 以及了解热、冷和热数据中心站点之间的区别。
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