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Introduction to Enterprise Network Infrastructure

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Data networks are full of hardware such as: cables, fiber optics, wireless access points, routers, switches, and other devices. This course will teach you about the different components of networking hardware and the purpose and use of each piece.

Different sized networks require different types and sizes of networking hardware. Your home network has only a few connected devices, and usually only one or two physical network devices. In this course, Introduction to Enterprise Network Infrastructure, we will use the concepts of a home network as a starting point to describe how big businesses deliver data network connections to thousands of devices. First, you will learn about the variety of network hardware options you have at your disposal to meet your specific needs. Next, you will learn about the different cabling types and how fiber optics are categorized for data network use. Finally, you will learn about the different types of 802.11 wireless networks and where they are used. By the end of this course, you will be able to identify the most important networking hardware and explain its purpose in the data network.

Introduction to Enterprise Network Infrastructure

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  1. 数据网络由各种的硬件构成, 如: 电缆、光纤、无线接入点、路由器、交换机和其他设备。本课程将教您有关网络硬件的不同组件以及各自的目的和用途。 不同大小的网络需要不同类型和大小的网络硬件。您的家庭网络只有几个连接的设备, 通常只有一个或两个物理网络设备。在本课程中, 介绍了企业网络基础结构, 我们将使用家庭网络的概念作为出发点来描述大企业如何向数以千计的设备提供数据网络连接。首先, 您将了解您所掌握的各种网络硬件选项, 以满足您的特定需求。接下来, 您将了解不同的布线类型以及光纤如何分类用于数据网络的使用。最后, 您将了解不同类型的802.11 无线网络以及它们的使用位置。在本课程结束时, 您将能够识别最重要的网络硬件并解释其在数据网络中的用途。
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