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CrystalMaker x64

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CrystalMaker (x64)


CrystalMaker (x64) | 192 Mb

CrystalMaker is the most-efficient way to visualize crystal and molecular structures. Its interactive design lets you "see the wood for the trees" and build your own visual understanding of complex materials. CrystalMaker transcends traditional crystallography software, letting you create dynamical visualizations with rotatable animations. Energy-modelling tools let you design and relax new structures, predict their vibrational properties, and explore how they interface with other materials.

What's New in CrystalMaker X?
All-new - rewritten from scratch!
Fast 64-bit multi-core architecture
Industry-leading graphics
Streamlined interface
Multi-structure visualization
Rotatable animations
Volumetric visualization
Multiple lattice planes
New atom and bond styles
Concave polyhedra with curved faces
Packing Explorer
Symmetry Explorer
Loads 40 different file formats
Powerful new energy modelling
Vibrational modes & IR spectra
Integrated library: 1000+ structures

System requirements:
Requires a 64-bit PC with an OpenGL 3.3-capable graphics card (with latest drivers installed), running Windows 7, 8 or 10 and .NET Framework 4.6 or later.

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