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Java EE: Design Patterns and Architecture

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Java EE: Design Patterns and Architecture
Java EE: Design Patterns and Architecture
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Discover how to prevent common design issues and increase programming efficiency using design patterns and architecture in Java EE. In this course, instructor Alex Theedom dives into the fundamental topic of design patterns and software architecture, equipping you with the knowledge you need to choose the right architecture for your application. Alex covers the Gang of Four classic patterns, discussing the unique way they are implemented in the Java EE platform. This includes the Singleton, Facade, Observer, and Decorator patterns. He then goes over some of the most important architectural patterns used by the platform, including Filter, model-view-controller (MVC), Front Controller, and Interceptor. After diving into design patterns, he moves on to the topic of architecture, discussing the motivation and need for architecture and introducing some of the best-known structures. Alex finishes the course with a discussion of monolithic and microservice architectures.

Java EE: Design Patterns and Architecture

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  1. Java EE:设计模式和架构 学习如何使用Java EE中的设计模式和架构阻止常见的设计问题并增加编程效率。在本教程中个,讲师Alex Theedom会深入讲解设计模式和软件架构的基础性内容,为你带去在为你的应用选择正确的架构时所需要的知识。Alex会讲到四人帮的四种经典模式,分析在Java EE平台上的独特部署方式。这包括Singleton, Facade, Observer, and Decorator模式。他还会回顾一些平台所用到的最重要的架构模式,包括Filter、MVC好Front Controller以及Interceptor。接下来,他还会讲到架构的内容,讨论动机和架构和需求,以及介绍一下最致知名的结构。Alex会在最后以对整体和微服务架构的讨论结束本教程。
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