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SQL Server Performance for Developers

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SQL Server Performance for Developers
SQL Server Performance for Developers
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Developers face an array of challenges when trying to develop performant applications for Microsoft SQL Server. In this course, instructor Joey D'Antoni shares concepts and strategies that can help you enhance your app's performance on SQL Server. Throughout this course, Joey walks through best practices for building efficient, scalable database applications. He covers an array of topics, including execution plans, columnstore indexes, datatypes, temporary objects, and what not to do with SQL Server. He also goes over indexing, and shares how best to create temporary objects. 

SQL Server Performance for Developers

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  1. 开发者需要掌握的SQL服务器性能 当开发者为SQL服务器开发性能级应用的时候会面对一系列的挑战。在本教程中,讲师Joey D'Antoni会分享可以帮助你提高SQL服务器上app性能的概念和策略。在本教程中,Joey会带你学习开发高效、可扩展的数据库应用的最佳实践。他会讲到一系列的内容,包括执行计划、columnstore索引、数据类型、临时对象以及不要用SQL Server做什么。他还会回顾索引,以及分享如何最佳第创建临时对象。
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