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Templates for MS Word by GN 5.0

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Templates for MS Word by GN 5.0

Templates for MS Word by GN 5.0 Multilingual | macOS | 16 mb

The handy Templates for MS Word by GN pack supplies a collection of over 3,000 easy-to-use templates for creating business and personal documents with MS Word. 

The Templates for MS Word by GN set gives a comprehensive selection of templates, from letters and brochures to greeting cards and books. Most templates consist of several layouts, and the whole range of designs will undoubtedly meet your most diverse needs. Each and every layout – from the classic elegance of text-only pages to the perky mix of pictures and slogans in the poster and brochure templates – features quality design and great usability.

All templates are available both in US and international paper sizes, such as US Letter and A4.

Most objects in Templates for MS Word by GN can be effortlessly recolored, moved, or removed. Type or paste your own text, add or remove text boxes and change the font if you wish. Replace stock images with your own photos and pictures. Save time and effort with Templates for Word!

Requires: Microsoft Office 2008 or later
Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit
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  1. Word模板,苹果版 这套模板集为你提供了全面的模板,从信件和宣传册到贺卡和书籍。大多数模板包含了好几种布局,整个的设计系列毫无疑问可以满足你各种需求。每种布局,从经典优雅的文字到混合了图片和宣传语的海报以及宣传册模板,每一款都设计精良并具备出色的可用性。 所有的目标都具有美式和国际纸张尺寸,如US信函和A4.
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