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Testing React Applications with Jest

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Testing React Applications with Jest

Testing React Applications with Jest
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Jest is one of the best tools available for testing React applications. This course will teach you basic and intermediate Jest testing techniques, including running tests, snapshot testing, testing React components, and module mocking.

At the heart of building durable and reliable React applications is a solid understanding of testing, starting with Jest. In this course, Testing React Applications with Jest, you will learn everything you need to do to create solid tests for your React components and applications. First, you’ll learn how to install Jest on any machine, run tests with it via the command line, and integrate it with any Node project. Next, you’ll dive into the various testing techniques, including globals, mocking, and snapshot testing that you can use to make your tests more readable and efficient. Finally, you'll explore how to use all these techniques to test React components and the applications they belong to. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll be able to immediately start writing tests for your React applications, discuss testing strategies and techniques in the workplace, and facilitate development by setting up and configuring Jest.

Testing React Applications with Jest

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  1. Jest测试React应用 Jest是用于测试React应用的最佳工具之一。本教程将会交给你中初级Jest测试技术,包括运行测试、快照测试、测试React组件和模块仿真。 开发持久的、可信赖的React应用的核心是真正地理解测试,那么让我们从Jest开始。在本教程中,你将学习为你的React组件和应用创建扎实的测试的所有知识。首先,你将学习如何在任何一台计算机上安装Jest,通过命令行运行测试以及将其整合到任何的Node项目中。接下来,你将深入各种测试技术,包括全局、仿真和快照测试,这样你可以用来让你的测试更具可读性和效率。最后,你将学习如何使用所有这些技术测试React组件及其所属应用。当你学习完本教程,你将能够很快滴开始编写React应用测试、讨论测试策略和技术以及通过建立和配置Jest完成开发。
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